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In preparation for this coming Valentines Day I created a design to be printed on fabric and hung in our home for Daniel’s gift. I am having this design printed on SpoonFlower.com and have submitted it to their Love Letters Challenge. The challenge is to create a design using old love letter quotes. I figured I had nothing to lose in entering considering that I was already planning on doing this exact thing anyway! I will upload photos of the final result when the fabric arrives. (read more below)

Valentines Love Quote

About The Design

On our last anniversary, Daniel and I spent some time reviewing old notes from our pre-marital counseling 6 year ago. It was a lot of fun to look back at where we were at during that time and how far we have grown since. In one exercise we were asked to write down the vision we each had for our lives. I began tearing up when I came across the beautiful description Daniel had for our future home. His vision for our life is the quote I used for the Valentines Textile Design:

“We live in a home filled with beauty and joy. We hold on loosely to material things, but we hold fast to an atmosphere of love, joy, and peace.”

Isn’t that fantastic?! I was floored when I read just how beautifully he captured the essence we desire for our home, life and family.

If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to write down the vision you have for you life. Not where you hope to be in 10 years, or what career path you plan on taking, but the fragrance you want your life emote. I believe this is an especially important exercise for engaged or married couples.

If you could summarize the vision you have for your home in 3 sentences, what would they be?
↠ Listening to: David Grey, “Falling Free”↞

* David Grey’s Flesh CD was the Daniel’s first Valentine’s gift to me (2005) & “Fallen Free” was our first dance song at our wedding

** The feathers were found in the woods around our home.

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7 responses to “Our Home

  1. This is so beautiful. I’ll think about your question (what fragrance do you want your life to emote) today….

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